Embracing and Enhancing BIM to increase profitability

Bornhorst + Ward is constantly reviewing best practices to deliver the optimum solution for our clients; we work extensively with 3D Modelling and BIM (Building Information Modelling).

Through our extensive experience (350+ Projects / 1350 3D Models), we are able to take a lead role with the creation of the BIM execution plan.This includes developing and agreeing the protocols and naming conventions with all key stakeholders.

Revit Regent Model

Through true collaboration with many industry partners such as architects and engineering co-consultants, we have identified and developed solutions to increase productivity and cost effectiveness which delivers benefits directly to our client’s. We utilise the 3D Models for cost-planning, co-ordination, visualisation, programming, construction staging and cost monitoring and facilities management. While delivering all these benefits, one of the simple but very effective outcomes through this collaboration is being able to “see it before its real” through utlising 3D animated technology to walk through the project.

Obviously cost is a major factor with any project. Our industry leading skills allow the client to accurately cost the building structure. We can provide schedules which accurately quantify aspects such as concrete volumes, reinforcing tonnages, steelwork tonnages and excavation volumes. Given that the cost of building structure can amount to a 1/3 of the total building construction cost. We believe through the development of 3D models during the early phases of a project helps to eliminate some of risks associated with building cost estimating.