Bornhorst + Ward has developed a number of add-ins for Revit that are used by our drafters on a daily basis. A number of these tools are now available for purchase through A2K Technologies. 

Our add-ins focus on two main things:
1. Drafters productivity 
2. Collaboration with other firms

The tools currently available for purchase include:

  • Load Families
  • Model Stripper
  • View Togglers
  • Plan Copier
  • Element Numberer
  • Quick Placer
  • Sheet Setup
  • Selection Filter

We have seen first-hand the time and frustration that has been saved by using these tools, and believe that any firm sufficiently advanced in their Revit use can see similar benefits. 
For more information on these tools, including pricing or a free trial talk to your A2K Technologies reseller or contact Benoj Kumary via  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it